meanings for poems in previous post

So I know that in the comments you said that the poems confused you, so I thought maybe I should post their meanings on here. Its not easy to summarize what they mean very well, but I will try anyway.

So here it goes:

Feelings float.
Everything encased.
There is no art -
no one has heart
only explosions losing face

1. This goes along with my weird obsession with how there is no such thing as art. To me, art is the spontaneous flow of feelings which usually comes from very emotional people. I feel like a lot of artists are the type who just kind of hold stuff in and then let it out when they create, whatever their form of art may be. The skill comes after. That explains the line "only explosions losing face," because its like they are letting their feelings burst and not caring who sees when other people are viewing what they create.


Surroundings tinted
Maybe just for me
No night or day
Charred routine repeat
Yes, the Mayans lied
But Webers right
Faces closer to hearded cattle
Eyes like diamonds above Seattle

2. "2010" is about how everything is falling apart, but along with that its also about how I feel like we arent children anymore.  The explanation of the disenchantment and losing sense of wonder thing goes with that. Its about how all the bad things are giving me a new "tinted" view, and things are beggining to look different to me. I don't feel like the world is going to end but I feel like 2010 is a reminder that things will be hard. The last line is loosely like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, "like a diamond in the sky." Only I changed it to "above Seattle."  Seattle has a very grunge feel to it, even today, so it has a somewhat depressing feel. It means that even seeing this new way, and dealing with new problems in a mature manner - theres always going to be a sense of childishness in me, I just have that mentality....but thats all.
The flood stole
Their homes and hearts
Yet still they drank
Worlds apart
But still the same
Kill and save
In everything

3. So floods are made up of water, and anything you drink has water in it because you need it to live.  The thing that took their homes away also gave them life. I say "in everything" because I honestly beleive that nothing is purely good or evil, its all jsut how you use or see it. Theres good and bad in everything in my opinion, somtimes you just have to look a little harder. And yes, it has to do with Westerly.

restless ideas racing
rock back and forth
making sense of madness
in the aftermath
illness wars
medicate treaties
in their battles beauty
in their releif
time for reflection

4. This one is about me feeling better. Clearly. haha.

So that is what I wrote my poems about, now you should comment and tell me what you think now that you know.


Joe Luzzi said...

thats very interesting but i would have never gotton the thing about seattle to be honest. But i like them you did a good job expressing your thoughts/feelings in these :)

Sam said...

its fine that you wouldnt get it, its all just how im feeling. thats why i said to listen to that song. its from seattle. anyway, it felt right as i was writing it, even if it doesnt quite make sense now.

Missy Ricco said...

Never feel as though you have to explain the meanings of your poems.

Your muse will guide your hand and sometimes the result is as cryptic to you as to anyone else. You might read it today and again in a year and get a completely different message. The point is not what the poet intended but what the reader themselves makes of your words. That is the poetry (in my humble opinion) - the reader’s interpretation.

Sam said...

Normally I wouldn't explain the meanings, but up until now the only people who had been reading my poetry had been my friends Joe and Debbie who I felt should know a little more.

I agree about the point being what the reader makes of your words, and some of the things I have here can be left up for interpretation alot because they are so cryptic, like you said.

I hope I didn't ruin anything for you here by posting what I was thinking at the time while I was writing these, but I appreciate your feedback.