Alice In Wonderland

Okay so its time for my second review.  I must admit, I feel like I probably should not be writing about this movie simply because I haven't been able to see it in 3-D yet (though I am planning to).  Still, seeing it as a good old fashioned 2 dimensional film was just fine with me.

To begin, I must say that I am probably rather biased because I'm a fan of Tim Burton.  Anyone who knows me could probably guess that the whole fun gothic feel of his movies is appealing to me.  I really haven't seen any movie of his that I didn't feel was beautiful and well crafted, and I love the odd spin he throws on his films.

Alice In Wonderland was probably his biggest undertaking because he chose to remake a classic animated Disney movie and create a movie based on the books by Lewis Carroll.  Anytime this happens, long-time fans are always ready to point fingers saying that the film does the original no justice.  In addition, the hype around the movie was enormous.  It was impossible not to know that it would be hitting theatres.

After ranting about wanting to see that movie for almost a year, I was finally able to go see it a few weeks ago.  I was not dissapointed.  I thought it was visually stunning (though admittedly would have been better in 3-D), and had a very interesting story line.  Tim Burton's best decision was to make the movie about Alice's return to Wonderland, and not have it be a replica of the original.

The characters were very loveable, and it seems like the Mad Hatter would not have been the same if not for Johnny Depp.  He was able to bring a believable insanity to the role, while still making the character oddly adorable and funny.  It seems like no other actor could have portrayed it the same way.  The design for the Cheshire Cat was perfect, and was able to make the CGI cat seem extremely creepy and less funny (like in the orignal).

I do however, have some complaints.  Because of the nature of 3-D, the sets were completely computerized.  I tend to appreciate movies that still use some actaul sets, and while watching the film you are very aware that nothing you are seeing is real.  If I was able to see it in 3-D, I'm sure I would not have this complaint though.  Also, I felt that the introduction was somewhat weak, and it doesn't start being interesting until she gets to Wonderland.

The message in this movie is about allowing yourself to dream.  I guess this struck a chord with me because I do tend to live in a fantasy world, which is not usually a good thing.  I felt that the story about Alice allowing herself to dream and believe the things she makes up in her head was very real.  Its a problem I think lots of people have to deal with, because that way of thinking really is not looked at kindly.  Its hard for me to not have my head in the clouds, but after seeing this movie, I felt better about my thought processes.

All in all, I definitly think this movie lives up to the hype and I suggest everyone sees it.  Do it.  Do it now damn it.

The Dead Girl

This post is rather delayed, but I thought it would be interesting to write a review about a movie I watched over spring break. In fact, I'm thinking about shifting this whole blog thingamajig over to reviewing books and movies, simply to give it a more clear purpose. This review will be something of a practice and critisism would be appreciated. I will still be posting little thoughts that pop into my mind now and again though...

So to begin, the film is called The Dead Girl, and included in it's cast is the late Brittany Murphy.  Her character, though the most important, actually appears in the movie very little - yet makes an unforgettable impact on the viewer.  Arguably her most dimented role, Murphy seems to perfectly embody the distraught girl who has clearly thrown up her arms and given up on life.  Seeing the movie now, after her unfortunate death, I cannot help but see this role as an eery premonition of her eventual demise.  This role, along with her portrayal of Daisy in Girl, Interrupted, seem to be played too perfectly, almost as if to say that there was no acting involved.  Her character of Krista in The Dead Girl may be one of her least known roles, but definitly one of her strongest.

The movie opens with a body being found in the middle of a field, and then follows the life of seven people and how they are affected by this discovery.  Most of the stories are not related and alter the lives of those involved very differently.  Each cast member gives a heartfelt performance, and each line is delivered in a way that truly moves the viewer.

What I enjoyed most about this movie was its ability to humanize a character that most people would look at in shame.  By the end of the movie you do not see the dead girl as being a murdered prostitute, but a girl who has a big heart and a hard life.  I think its a lesson that we all can learn from, because too often we simply shake our heads and move on when seeing these types of people. It is important to remember that everyone has a story, and everyone has reasons for what they do (no matter how wrong they may be).  Instead of looking down on these people, we should learn from them and try to extend a helping hand.  It is hard not to wonder how her life could have been different if someone had been willing to help.

The Dead Girl is definitly a movie I suggest people view, although I will caution you - it is very depressing.  If you are in the mood for a light hearted feel good film, this is not for you.  However, if you are feeling deep and contemplative and are in the mood for a thinking movie, The Dead Girl is definitly worth your time.

I had deleted this

Well, I had felt like I was done with blogging. Now I guess I'd still like this to be on here so maybe i can get back into it again.

I'm not sure what I should write though. Maybe just a quick summary. My second semester is going well for the most part academically, but I feel more and more cut off. I'm reading a book called Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut and I'm really into it. The more I read from him the more I like. The weather outside seems like a slap in the face because its so bright and sunny but I feel the opposite way. Seeing people outside with a bunch of people makes me that much more sad.

I am trying to be optimistic though and not always complain. I realize that the things I mentioned before are doing just that, but oh well. I have no idea what else to put here so I guess I'm done.