The flood stole
Their homes and hearts
Yet still they drank
Worlds apart
But still the same
Kill and save
In everything

(This is another poem that was already posted, but was reposted simply because I like it.)


Kelly said...

Cool poem. Deep meaning. Totally get it.

Kenia Cris said...

Hi Sam,
how are you, dear?
I'm here to thank you for your visit and kind comment on my blog Poesia Torta (Crooked Poetry) and I really liked it here, so I'm following. I'll come whenever there's something new to read and I hope we can become friends.

Take care and keep smiling. Kiss your cheeks!

Sam said...

@Kenia Cris, Thank you! I'm doin well. I appreciate you looking at my blog and I'll be looking at yours as well. =]

Is this the high road? Maybe just the long road.... said...

I like how efficient you are with your language. You say a lot with a small amount of words. I like that a lot. This is so meaningful.